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Liberty Magazine - October 1999

  • Airbags Kill More Kids than Schoolhouse Shootings, Patrick Bedard; The New "Economics," William Stepp; China, America, and the War in Kosovo, Bruce Ramsey; Libertarianism as If the Other 99% Mattered, Loren Lomasky; American Tragedy, Stephen Cox; The Real Meaning of the Jefferson-Hemings Affair, Timothy Sandefur; Hanoi Jane, the Gipper, and Me, Sarah McCarthy; The Academic Ecosystem, Richard Kostelanetz; Out of South Africa, Jim Peron; In Search of Lysander Spooner, Randy Barnett; The Search for Ayn Rand's Russian Roots, Chris Sciabarra; The Dissonance of a Conservative, Clark Stooksbury; Culture and Capitalism, Alan Bock; America Works, Bruce Ramsey

Liberty Magazine - September 1999

  • Dear Bill Gates, Peter McWilliams; Why Milosevic Must Go, David Ramsay Steele; Genocide in Kosovo?, R.W. Bradford; Privacy in Russia, Jen Tracy; Whither the LP?, Chester Alan Arthur; The Paramilitaries Among Us, Forrest Smith; Nathaniel Branden Speaks, Nathaniel Branden; Under the School Boardwalk, Sarah McCarthy; Unwitting Victims, Scott Chambers; The Eloquence of Bobby Kennedy, Stephen Cox; De-Imperializing the Presidency, Jonathan Ellis; Communities of Independence, Douglas Puchowski

Liberty Magazine - August 1999

  • The Most Dangerous Amendment, Gene Healy; Why Did Clinton Bomb Yugoslavia?, David Ramsay Steele; A Belgrade Spring, Stephen Browne; Arms and the Greeks, David Kopel; A Kinder, Gentler "Judgment Day," Bryan Register; Is Internet Privacy Overrated?, Declan McCullagh; I Was a Small-Town Regulator, Charles Platt; Confessions of a Tax Collector, Fritz Berggren; Judicial Nullification, Eric Longley; Monster in the White House, Clark Stooksbury; From Marx to Hayek, Jane Shaw; The First Libertarian, Chris Sciabarra

Liberty Magazine - July 1999

  • Making Sense of the Colorado Massacre: Symbols for the Masses, Stephen Cox; Consumers of Safety, Jeffrey Snyder; Why Johnny Can't Disobey, Sarah J. McCarthy; Compliance in the House, Ron Paul; Gateway to Oppression, Alan Bock; How Murderous Are the Serbs?, David Ramsay Steele; Freedom Under the Law, James Bovard; To Think and Speak in Hong Kong, Benjamin Ostrov; The Road to Dissent, Jen Tracy; Shades of Gray, G.R. Steele; Liberty in N-Space, John C. Goodman; The Virtue of Salesmanship, Tom Isenberg; Apolitical Life, Richard Kostelanetz; Garghibition, Scott Stein; Days of Decadence, Brian Doherty; He Seen His Opportunities, Jonathan Ellis; Privacy Unbound?, Bruce Ramsey; Tawdry Triangle, R.W. Bradford

Liberty Magazine - June 1999

  • The War in Kosovo; The Real Kosovo Tragedy, David Ramsay Steele; Serbs Up!, Stephen Cox; Indigestion in Europe's Soft Underbelly, Alan Bock; The Case for Intervention, Luis Garcia Dopico; Learning from the Balkans, Leland Yeager; Uniformed Code of Silence, Steven Philbrick; Sympathy for the Stones, Sarah McCarthy; The Dictator as Hero?, Adrian Day; The World vs. the World's Only Superpower, Leon Hadar; Libertarianism Transformed; Axioms and Egoisms, John Hospers; Morality, State, and Anarchy, Barry Loberfeld; It Really Didn't Begin with Roy Childs, R.W. Bradford; The Statistics Don't Lie, Sharon Presley; A Paean to Property, Martin Solomon; Revolutionary Personae, Stephen Cox; Up From Behaviorism, Bruce Ramsey; The Man on the $10 Bill, Martin Morse Wooster

Liberty Magazine - May 1999

  • The Transformation of Libertarianism?; An Accident of Rebirth, David Ramsay Steele; Rethinking the Data, David Friedman; Rights and Consequences, David Boaz; Utilitarianism vs. Intuition, Leland Yeager; The Case of the Missing Premise, Tom G. Palmer; Inescapable Facts, Unavoidable Complaints, Pierre Lemieux; In Reponse to My Critics, R.W. Bradford; How Al Gore Wants to Run Your Town, Randal O'Toole; Repealing the Codes of Silence, Lester Hunt; "We Could Give It Back," Ralph Reiland; Know Your Regulator, Jefferson Meyers; Behind Bars, Dyanne Petersen; A Man's Right to Abortion, Barry Loberfeld; The Empress Has No Clothes, Wendy McElroy; Blowhard in the Wind, Jonathan Ellis; A Man for All Freedoms, Sharon Presley; Inside the Mormon Ivory Tower, Eric D. Dixon

Liberty Magazine - April 1999

  • Victory Over the FDA, by Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; Censorship on the Newsstand, by Richard Platte; Ayn Rand's Favorite Novelists, by Bruce Ramsey; Why Harry Browne Doesn't Work, by Jacob Hornberger; The State of the Applause, by R.W. Bradford; No Cheers for Democracy, by Stephen Cox; Canada's Supreme Blunder, by Scott Reid; When Freemen Shall Stand, by J. Neil Schulman.

Liberty Magazine - March 1999

  • Impeaching the President: It's Time to Move On With Our Lies, Stephen Cox; Impeach Michael Jordan, Alan Bock; Clinton's Sticky Wicket, Loren Lomasky; NOW, Hear This!; An American Comedy, R.W. Bradford; Peace on Earth, David Hackworth; The Deconstitutionalized Zone, John S. Robey; Fighting Over Ayn Rand's Papers, Eric D. Dixon; The Selling of Ayn Rand's Papers, R.W. Bradford; Zimbabwe: The Snake Eats Its Tail; Len Brewster; The Intelligent Man's Guide to Perjury, David Kopel; The Y2K "Crisis": Emergency Planning or Planning an Emergency?, Declan McCullagh and Solveig Singleton; The People Strike Back, Paul Armentano; The Rise of the New Libertarianism, R.W. Bradford; The Match of the Century, Mark Skousen; Affirmative Reaction, Hal Arkes; Artful Obscurity, Richard Kostelanetz; Let My Creatures Go, Timothy Virkkala

Liberty Magazine - February 1999

  • A Shame Upon the Presidency, Frank Fox; Why Kovorkian Opposes the Right to Die, Thomas S. Szasz; The Ayn Rand "Cult", by R. W. Bradford; Porn in the USA, Wendy McElroy; War of Words, Sarah McCarthy; The Man Who Would, Stephen Cox; Conservatism's Self-Inflicted Suicide, Richard Kostelanetz; A Weekend in Pittsburgh, Ralph Reiland; Clinton's Race Initiative; Not Too Swift, Michael Drew; Pinochet Reconsidered, Karen Araujo and John Cobin; Showdown at Sodaville, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

Liberty Magazine - January 1999

  • No Issue, No Winners, No Losers, R.W. Bradford; The Mystery of Bill Clinton, Stephen Cox; The Politician That Budget Deal, Stepehn Moore; Devolving the Drug Wars, Daniel Benjamin; Handguns Are a Girl's Best Friend, Barbara Boushaw; The Road to Ruby Ridge, Randy Weaver; Whores vs. Feminists, Wendy McElroy; To Live, Kimberly Ayn Ryan; Facing Up to Coercion, Thomas S. Szasz; Flight Plans, Ria Popp

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