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Liberty Magazine - November 1998

  • The Unraveling of Bill Clinton: Clinton's Web of Lies, R.W. Bradford; The Defenders of the Undefendable, Stephen Cox; Reaping the Consequences, Sarah McCarthy; Sex and Status, R.W. Bradford; Leave the Poor Guy Alone!, Richard Kostelanetz; The Collapse of the New World Order, J. Orlin Grabbe; Tomahawking the Infidels, Col. David Hackworth, Roger Charles, and Leon T. Hadar; On the Road with the Secret Government, Jonathan Ellis; Traitors in the War of Ideas, Fred L. Smith Jr.; "A Naked, Arbitrary Enterprise," Bruce Ramsey; About the Cops..., Paul Rako; Twice Blessed, Loren E. Lomasky; Persuading Nobody, Brien Bartels; Gang Aft-Agley, U.S.A., Jane S. Shaw; Books and the Man, Phil Leggiere; Puckering Up, Richard Kostelanetz

Liberty Magazine - September 1998

  • Y2K and the Feds, Declan McCullagh; Beltway Libertarianisms, Brian Doherty; The Second Epistle of Paul, Paul Rako; Out of Scalia's Shadow, Dylan Carp; Die, the Beloved Country, Jim Peron; Sex and Subsidy, Ross Levatter; I Believe in Miracles, Harry Browne; The Election Casino, Pierre Lemieux; Condominion!, Spencer MacCallum and Robert Nelson; Earl Warren in a White Hat, David Friedman; At the Altar of Ego, Timothy Virkkala; The World According to Sowell, Jane S. Shaw; Bowdlerizing Ayn Rand, Chris Sciabarra; The New Hollywood, Harry Browne

Liberty Magazine - July 1998

  • Dear Mr. President, Paul Rako; Y2K and You, Scott Omsted; Bohemian Blues, Ron Lipp; The Making of Rand's Passion, Barbara Branden; Israel at 50, Alan Bock; Evil Emperors, Fred Smith; Asia's Collapse, Leon Hadar and Bruce Ramsey; The End of Photography as Proof of Anything at All, David Brin; Big Tobacco Coughs Up, Jonathan Ellis; Introduction to Digital Cash, J. Orlin Grabbe; The Liberty Poll; The Evolution of Ayn Rand, Stephen Cox; Revitalizing America, Martin Morse Wooster; Daimon in the Rough, Karen Michalson; I Loathe My Calendar Girl, Bob Black; The Art of Self-Retrospection, Richard Kostelanetz

Liberty Magazine - May 1998

  • Clinton's Follies, Liberty's Editors; The DEA Wishes Me a Nice Day, Peter McWilliams; Freedom and Madness, Thomas S. Szasz; The Temptation of Bill Gates, Brien Bartels; Free Speech for Software Writers, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; The Empire Strikes Out, Alan Bock; How the EPA Made us Rich, Ben Bolch and Bradford Pendley; The Pontiff's Polemic, James M. Vinoski; The Fading Myth of JFK, R.W. Bradford; Fool Britannia, Martin Quoile; A Public History of the Campaigns That Failed, Mark Brady; Simplicity Rules, John Hospers; The Closing of the Japanese Mind, Michael J. Oakes; Making Sense of a Life, R.W. Bradford; The Number of the Best, Richard Kostelanetz; Science Fiction Fandom Strikes Back, Victor Koman, Rex F. May, Michael Grossman, and Victor Varga

Liberty Magazine - March 1998

  • The Predatory Bureau, John Baden and Douglas Noonan; The Coming War on the Automobile, Randal O'Toole; The New Inquisitors, J. Philippe Rushton; My Libertarian Adventure, Russell Means; The 2000 Census: What Counts Is Legitimacy, Durk Pearson and Sandy Shaw; The Revolution That Failed, Aviezer Tucker; Weakly, Standard, Clark Stooksbury and Harry Browne; Equations of State, Bart Kosko; AnOther E.E. Cummings, Richard Kostelanetz; Speaking Truth to Clinton, Alan Bock; The Invisible Hand and Pure Research, Ross Overbeek; Alasa Poor Marxism, I Knew It Well, Stephen Cox; Libertarians In Space, Martin Morse Wooster; The Iceberg Cometh, Stephen Cox

Liberty Magazine - January 1998

  • The Crash That Wasn't, Richard Stroup; The Man Who Would Unseat Whitman, Mike Buoncristiano; Of Rednecks and Caryatids, Pierre Lemieux; Mail from Malawi, Richard Rieben; The Fight for Medical Marijuana, Paul Armentano; Thirty-four Curious Facts About Marijuana, Steve Cason; What Am I Doing Here?, Rycke Brown; Free-Market Money, Richard Timberlake; For Mises' Sake, Tom Palmer; Expectations and the End of Central Banking, Roger Garrison, Leland Yeager, Harry Watson, Ida Walters; The Devil's Reading List, Stephen Cox

Liberty Magazine - November 1997

  • Strategy Debate, Harry Browne and R.W. Bradford; Paragon Lost, Michael Oakes; America's China, China's America; Busted in the House of the People, Pierre Lemieux; Greenspan: Deep Cover Radical for Capitalism?, R.W. Bradford; Czech Reality, Aviezer Tucker; The EPA and Asthma, Ben Bolch and Harold Lyons; Jury Duty, a Juror's Right, Laura Kriho; Freedom's Unkown Guru, Harry Browne; Mses and Monarchy, Ralph Raico; Viruses of the Mind, Scott Reid; Community Rules, Aeon Skoble; To the Dialecticians of All Parties, Bettina Bien Grieves

Liberty Magazine - September 1997

  • Liberty's First Ten Years; The Standard Raised, Stephen Cox; Why Liberty; AT Liberty, R.W. Bradford; Yes, Gambling Is Productive and Rational, David Ramsay Steele; Circus Taximus, Michelle Malkin; A Rebel and a Drummer, Scott Bullock; The Pest of the Alternative Press, Brian Doherty; Tobacco's Show Trial, Robert Higgs; Where There's Smoke There's Liars, Loren Lomasky; The Weak Case for Government Schooling, David Friedman; Gun-Point Democracy in Africa, George Ayittey; Pandering to a Dead Dynasty, Tom G. Palmer; Documenting Disaster, Gary Alexander; The Economics of Real Life, Richard Kostelanetz; The China Demon, Leon Hadar; Margin for Error, John Hospers

Liberty Magazine - July 1997

  • De-inventing Government — and Central Banks, J.W. Henry; No Shelter from the Storm, Joy S. Taylor; Latin America at the Crossroads, Carlos Ball; Medical Marijuana: Beyond the War on Drugs, Sandy Shaw; Polarities of the Political Class, Stephen Cox; I'll Settle for Paper, Bruce Ramsey; I'll Go for the Gold, Robert Higgs; Ebonics: Bridge to Illiteracy, Nicholas Stix; Inalienable Rights?, George Smith and Timothy Virkkala; The Politics of Hysteria, R.W. Bradford; Coming Out on the Radio, Michael Grossberg; Nationalism: good, Bad, and Invented; The Resurrection of Richard Nixon, Oliver Becker; Darwin Defied, Jane Shaw

Liberty Magazine - May 1997

  • Mysteries of the Titanic, Stephen Cox; The Misunderstood Mr. Jefferson, David N. Mayer; License to Steal, R.W. Bradford; The Lost Papers of Ludwig von Mises, Richard Ebeling; Do Inalienable Rights Outlaw Punishment?, John C. Goodman; The Hollow Ring of Inalienability, Timothy Virkkala; The Bloody Hinge of American History, Robert Higgs; Blackboard Bungle, Nathan Crow; Elitism Unbound, Jane Shaw; Rebels vs. the Federation, Todd Seavey

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