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Repeal and Replace the Democratic Party

  • From D vs. R to R vs. L.

Babes in Wordland

  • At least as clever as the average six-year-old.

Diversity of Culture Versus Diversity of Background

  • The framework value is liberty.

Trust the Beauty, or Risk the Beast?

  • Or, can magic be remade?

The Coming of Trump

  • Where we are, and how we got here.

Bring On the Trillion Dollar Coin!

  • Not a cure-all, but perhaps a cure-something.

Swedish Ice Balls

  • A state for all seasons.

The Grand Itch

  • Mencken was right.

The Proofreaders’ Puzzle

  • And the propagandists’ ploy.

Le Pen and the Super-State

  • We’ll see what’s left when this tide recedes.

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