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Hip Replacement: Lesson One

  • Phonology for the frolicsome.

Is the Libertarian Movement Moving Anymore?

  • The tree of liberty seems to be growing rather slowly.

What Is Identity, Anyway?

  • Of haymakers and genealogists.

Seattle Solons Sideline Squatters

  • Weasels up, “workers” down.

The Ruling Class Has Split!

  • Power to the libertarians.

More NAFTA Nonsense

  • Protectionism, the perpetual fallacy.

A Society without a Civilization

  • Unfortunately, it’s not just a movie.

Functional Illiteracy

  • Texas may survive, but English is in bad shape.

What I Learned from My Paper Route

  • A thought for Independence Day.

The Rod of Correction

  • Blameless equals powerless.

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