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Butterfly Police

  • Monarchs and morons.

The Cruz Case: The State’s Kindly Cruelty

  • Yet another version of power without responsibility.

Sic Semper

  • The firing of Andrew McCabe.

The Cruelty of the Self-Righteous

  • Trump and friends and the death penalty.

In Our Guts, We Know They’re Nuts

  • The return of the headshrinkers.

The Fake Facebook Scandal

  • Clutching pearls over well-known practices.

Bridges to Nowhere

  • I’d turn back if I were you.

Bitcoin Blues

  • Observations that you can take to the bank with you.

The Movie of the Multipliers

  • Chappaquiddick is no ordinary political film.

Horror — and More

  • Included: a true libertarian hero.

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