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The Year That Was

  • Our 2019.

A Mess of a Movie

  • Turning Little Women into Weird Little Women.

Qelling Qassem

  • There are ways of making war even worse than hell.

The Just and the Unjust

  • Certainly the media can tell us which is which.

Tyler Cowen’s “State Capacity Libertarianism”

  • Why not "You Decide Libertarianism"?

Shrinking Audience, Shrinking Stage

  • One more Dem debate: P H & D.

Two Small Steps in the Right Direction

  • Movies, and a mass of college data.

Love and Marriage

  • And what makes a good film director.

Un-Gifted Storytellers

  • We may never know what they meant.

Reluctant Hero

  • Amid the war to end wars.

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