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The Non-Political Side of Life

  • Returning from the island.

Talking to an Empty Chair

  • The sensitive souls are still outraged about Dirty Harry.

Bernanke’s Thanks

  • It’s so goofy, it must have a goofy motive.

Backwoods Wars, Front Page Problems

  • How laws create lawlessness.

The 47% Solution

  • Knives out for the GOP postmortem.

Three Ways of Reacting to the Obvious

  • Or, why Obama is winning.

Dead Cat Bounce

  • The real stats on the administration’s record.

Americana, Boom and Bust

  • In the audience: the shades of H.L. Mencken and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Observations on a Leaking “Social”

  • As the song says, “Send in the tanks.”

Two-Choice Tyranny

  • Life among the Manichees.

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