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Ludicrous Leporidae Laws Lead to Legal Legerdemain

  • But ravenous reptiles raise risk of ruining regulation.

Liberty, and the Dignity of Life

  • A film about trying to keep what is yours.

Athena 4, Gaia 0

  • And that means progress in energy.

Passing the Promethean Torch

  • Freedom-lovers’ science fiction.

The Forgotten Gibbs

  • But not forgotten by us, or P.J. O’Rourke.


  • Need we say more? But apparently we do.

Why India Doesn’t Change

  • The goat stops here.

Why Is Arms Control for Civilians Only?

  • On the menu today we have a lot of fine tasing. Or perhaps you’d prefer getting shot?

Continuing Obamalaise

  • Some kind of “miracle.”

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