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When the Audience Laughs in the Wrong Place . . .

  • Is this why most of those Greek tragedies got lost?

President Obama, Meet Alfred E. Neuman

  • Obama’s best of all possible worlds.

Iron Man 3: The Low-Down

  • In which Liberty’s Entertainment Editor reveals her favorite superhero.

R.O.C. On!

  • Asia, at bike level.

A Letter to a Cousin in France

  • Marchons, marchons!

What Did You Know, and Why Didn’t You Know It?

  • The epistemology of state socialism.

A Presidency Imploding

  • Speak, mirror!

The Threat of Impact

  • And the wiliness of neology.

Whence Comes This Evil?

  • The Delhi rape case.

Stealth Stars

  • An adventure in interplanetary education.

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