A Fun Day for Hillary


Maybe you have already witnessed these things, but on April 3 I finally saw videos of the end of Muammar Gaddafi and the rejoicing of Hillary Clinton about it.

The date is October 20, 2011. Gaddafi, deposed dictator of Libya, is being lynched by a mob of Muslim “militants.” He is crying and his face is covered with blood. One of his dirty and insane countrymen is overcome by the glory of tearing off Gaddafi’s shoe. It is evident that Gaddafi’s tortures will continue until he is dead.

Now for video no. 2. Clinton, Secretary of State of the United States, is sitting in a comfortable chair, surrounded by her aides and a television crew. She is being interviewed by a CBS reporter. She hears the news of Gaddafi’s death, under what circumstances she can well imagine. She jiggles and rolls her eyes like a high-school cheerleader and emits a parody of Julius Caesar: “We came, we saw, he died.” She laughs and preens.

The two sequences are peculiarly disturbing, tawdry, painful, vile.

What had happened?

Gaddafi, a violent eccentric, had ruled Libya for 42 years. At first an opponent of the West and a sponsor of terrorism, he later helped to repress our crazed Islamic enemies and made a good start at liberating his economy. His reward was to be set upon by rebels encouraged by the United States and its NATO allies, under the direction of President Obama and Hillary Clinton. Then, when the rebels demonstrated that they could not beat him, he was deposed by the “humanitarian assistance” granted to them by NATO, in the form of weapons supplies and bombing. The lynch mob that seized him was able to do so because his convoy of vehicles had been attacked from the air and disabled by NATO. Hence Mrs. Clinton’s pride in his death. It seems to have been her most valued achievement.

What was the result?

Libyans split into rival factions, much worse than before. Many of them went over to the forces of radical Islam. Some of those people mobbed the United States embassy and killed our ambassador, using weapons that the US had supplied. What was once the nation of Libya is now a scene of chronic civil war in which ISIS and other terrorists have found a congenial home. Libya’s neighbor, Egypt, was also the target of American intervention, which helped to install a government run by Islamic extremists who began a reign of terror against Christians and dissidents. Contrary to the mandate of the United States, the extremists were kicked out by other Egyptians. The Libyan mess remains, and to a large degree the Egyptian mess.

Hence Mrs. Clinton’s pride in Gaddafi's death. It seems to have been her most valued achievement.

The Obama administration’s involvement in these circumstances is still being investigated. Mrs. Clinton is still being investigated. Gaddafi is dead. The videos of his sickening death and her sickening laughter remain.

Here is a snapshot of our world, and of the Obama administration’s place in it. It’s a world of competing evils, in which the United States, for all the supposedly best reasons, chronically favors the worst. Obama, we hear, wanted to end US imperialism. He wanted to end America’s habit of dominating other countries for their own good. He wanted to end . . . all that. So, like Woodrow Wilson, or Bill Clinton, or George Bush, he meddled forcibly with other countries. Including Libya.

And you see what happened. You don’t need to have it explained to you. You see it.

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Fred Mangels

“We came, we saw, he died."

I believe she said, "We came, we bombed, he died", which comes off as worse to me for some reason. Perhaps because of the flippant way she seems to speak approvingly of our bombing.

Stephen Cox

Thanks, Fred, and thanks to the others who commented, either in public or in private. I watched the video again, and she does say "saw," not "bombed." I believe this testifies, not to her humanity, but to her lack of literary invention. Of course, "bombed" is what she did, and she wasn't just flippant about it—she was hilariously enthralled with her success.

Well seasoned presidential material, Hillary Clinton. It's hard to picture any president of the past, even the ones that I think were horrible caricatures of the executive office, saying and acting as she did. Except, of course, Mr. Clinton.


Scott Robinson

Dear Stephen,

Mentioning how no one else embodies the less than stellar talk and actions of Hillary than her lesser half, reminds me of the Clintonese that you mentioned a while back. I wonder if Georgia and Ukraine think that wonderful "reset button" is actually a launch button. The most fun will be when she is the first female president; what a good name she'll be providing for all women. I know, I shouldn't endorse guilt by association.

Best Wishes,


Without Congressional approval President Obama, nor any future President would be powerless. Who elects our Congress? Without a root change nothing will be any different. Our bloated imperialistic government will slowly grind to its own demise.

Scott Robinson

Dear Stephen,

Aside from the ironic glory progressives take in the totalitarianism they embody, I think the best lesson of Gaddafi is how useful diplomacy is. I know that Barack talks about diplomacy as being so much better than war, but look at Muammar. He gave up his pursuit of nuclear weapons, came to the UN, camped out on the lawn by the White House, and I saw a picture or video in which he shook hands with Barack. You described the video of the great reward he received. As you also said, that reward was at the hand of the "decimated Al Qaeda."

It's Called a Double Standard,

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