We Are All Victims Now


On April 30 a 19-year-old Arizona man was arrested on 70 criminal charges after it was discovered that, in a picture taken last August of his high-school football team, the tip of his penis was protruding from the top of his pants. Although the photo, joke included, appeared in his high school yearbook and in programs distributed at sports events, it took all this time for someone to notice the little flash of penis. Nevertheless, “Mesa [Arizona] police booked Osborn [that’s the kid] on one count of furnishing obscene material to minors, a felony, and 69 counts of indecent exposure. Ten faculty members and 59 students were present when Osborn exposed himself and are considered victims, according to police and court documents.”

This happened in a country in which Prince, a musician who appeared on stage and in videos with his naked butt protruding from his costume, while dancers mimicked sex acts, was mourned as a national hero after his death from an apparent drug overdose; a country in which the most profitable music lyrics are so obscene and violent that journals not labeled “adult” never quote them; a country in which, over two decades ago, the Surgeon General suggested that young people be taught to masturbate; a country in which hundreds of thousands of young women are exploited as “baby mamas” by irresponsible men; a country in which major corporations boycott a state because it does not stipulate that people can enter any restroom that matches their own idea of their gender; a country in which . . . Add your own examples. This is the country in which 70 people became sexual victims without even knowing that anything happened to them.

By the way, the charges against the young man have now been dropped. There was a public outcry, thank God. Now I hope we can all focus our attention on our national schizophrenia about sex.

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Bruce Alan Martin

What's next?

Bearded men descend on Target, enter the Ladies' Room and leave all the seats up!

Scott Robinson

Dear Stephen,

I would add one about the necessity to prove consent. I wonder if law schools now discuss how "pre-sexual agreements" are properly written and what if any notaries are required for them to be legally binding. Of course, that begs the question of what's meant by "binding." (no, binding does not have any meaning other than legal). It would be interesting if pre-sexual agreements became as legally binding as pre-nuptual agreements.
I do also wonder about what is the difference between consent and discrimination. If you provide sex for others, how can you legally deny sex to me?

Food for Thought,

Jim Stiles

As much as I like your articles, I must make the following response.

Prince appears to have been a victim of his Jehovah Witness religion. The Jehovah Witness religion forbids blood transfusions, which would have been required during a hip joint replacement. As a result of decades of dancing, Prince needed two hip replacements. Instead of getting the operations (and the blood transfusions), Prince decided to medicate the pain away, with predictable results.

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