Plagiarized Platitudes


In her speech at the Republican National Convention on Monday, Donald Trump’s wife plagiarized a number of platitudes from a speech by Barack Obama’s wife. The evidence is clear, although one pities the Foes of Trump whose duty it is to dredge such things up.

I am no press agent, nor am I on Trump’s team, but if I were, I would tell the outraged media, “Melania Trump had the assistance of her staff in preparing her speech, and apparently some words in a speech of Michelle Obama stuck in one of her assistants’ memories. Mrs. Trump had not read Mrs. Obama’s speech, but she is happy that they agree on certain important values.”

I think that’s pretty good, and it took me only 60 seconds to create it. But what did Trump do? He decided to stonewall the issue. As I write on Tuesday afternoon, the Trump camp remains adamant: there was no copying of cliches.

Now, whom does this libido for opacity remind you of? It reminds me of Mrs. Clinton. Whoever wins, we should have a wonderful next four years.

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Jon Harrison

Actually, Trump remained quiet for over 24 hours, and allowed his minions to say foolish things all on their own. But I agree with Wayland that the campaign should have immediately explained the matter in the same way he has here.

Chris Nelson

Yes, the lack of credible explanation would remind me of Mrs. Clinton (pardon me, Secretary Clinton) — if an explanation had been proffered. But since none has been offered at all, then it reminds me more of ... President Obama himself.

Yes, wonderful indeed. The only prediction I can make about the next Administration with any certainty is that it will be worse than the current one. Wonderful.

In any case, it annoys me to no end that THIS is the topic of conversation, rather than the strong-arm tactics and bullying used to silence Trump critics at the convention. We're all being gulled into talking about a candidate's wife's speech - which means nothing at all, really - while we ignore the actual process of "governance" that's coming down on us.

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