Investigation of a Citizen Above Justice


I’m not sure why Hillary Clinton does anything she does, but I know she has a way of reminding me of old movies. Gangster movies, of course — though not the Godfather kind, in which you’re supposed to sympathize with the profound psychological and metaphysical conflicts of the leading characters. No one actually sympathizes with Hillary Clinton. I’m reminded more of the primitive gangster films, which teach you that some guys just want to be king of the world and will do anything to reach the peak, or preserve the illusion.

Those aren’t the only movies I associate with her. She often makes me think of His Girl Friday, where Earl Williams, the goofy gunman, is involved in so many ridiculous and, as Donald Trump would say, unbelievable incidents that a newspaper reporter says, “I’m pretending there ain’t any Earl Williams.”It’s a relief to pretend that there ain’t any Hillary Clinton.

Clinton violated the law, grossly, repeatedly, and ridiculously. She then told a long string of gross and ridiculous lies.

But the strongest cinematic parallel I can find to the Clinton story is a once-famous Italian movie that is called in English Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970). In it, a ranking police officer commits a crime and then gets the idea of establishing his superiority to normal people by submitting to an investigation that shows he is guilty — obviously guilty — yet does not lead to his arrest.

The parallel with Clinton is evident. In the emails episode alone, Clinton violated the law, grossly, repeatedly, and ridiculously. She then told a long string of gross and ridiculous lies, all of them conflicting preposterously with common sense, and with one another. The FBI, led by the vaunted Mr. Comey, spent thousands of hoursinvestigating her, located (without any difficulty) the incriminating facts, listened to many additional ridiculous lies, and discovered that Citizen Clinton could not be prosecuted because there was no evidence she intended to violate any of the laws she schemed to violate.

That’s basically how the Italian movie turns out. The power structure can never conceive of indicting one of its own. The bad guy wins — in two ways, one of them more important to him (and to me) than the other. He doesn’t get indicted; that’s the relatively unimportant win. The more important one is his demonstration that people like him are above the law. Members of the elite are never punished; they are immune. Their immunity is the proof of their status, the validation of their identity, and the source of their joy. That’s the vital thing. If you wonder what Mrs. Clinton does with the time she doesn’t spend on fundraising (and, of course, lying), I think I have an answer. She spends most of her time laughing at honest people who have a job.


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Scott Robinson

Dear Stephen,

I think that the Centers for Disease Control should determine the number of occurrences of the new disease embodied by this. The disease name is the illegitimate child of the words affluence and influenza. Here's a list of some patients that I can think of:
Ted Kennedy
Hillary Clinton
Affluenza teen
OJ Simpson

The last two victims of the disease have a less pathogenic version of it. Their version isn't pathogenic enough to fight off the legal consequences of multiple instances of breaking the law. Hillary Clinton's is the most pathogenic version, like MRSA, the bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics, because her disease has fought off the legal repercussions of a whole battalion of law violations.

Have a Good Day,

Doug Thorburn

She does what she does in a bid to inflate her ego, which is symptomatic of alcoholism.

Every recovering alcoholic I've ever interviewed (and I've interviewed dozens if not hundreds) admitted that, when using, they were great and prolific liars. They could sell refrigerators to Eskimos.

Why lie? What better way is there to control others and to say to those who see through the ruse, "Look at me! Watch what I can get away with!" This is but one of the many ways by which alcoholics inflate their inordinately large sense of self-importance.

Hillary's been lying for decades and, I suspect, drinking addictively the entire time (Google "Hillary Clinton drinking" and you'll find I'm not alone in suspecting this). Alcoholism is the best explanation not only for why she lies prolifically, but also why, in the face of what appears to be serious medical issues, she continues in her quest for the Presidency when, it would seem, normal people would have long ago quit.

Alcoholism is the hidden disease, about which I have researched and written extensively. Hardly anyone suspects until it becomes all-too-obvious. Before then, it looks like pathological lying and the commission of other abuses against others. Hillary's a classic case.

Jo Ann



Outstanding, indeed.

I've read countless attempts to explain the minds of people like Hillary Clinton. None are more chilling--and perhaps more accurate--than this one.

Cox's commentary merits a wide audience.

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