The Year That Was


As the calendar turns over once more, there’s just enough time to peruse the year gone past, before turning to face the year yet to come. Here’s a few of our best and most timely articles from 2019:

It was a particularly fine year for overseas and travel reporting, between

Meanwhile, our editor Stephen Cox continued documenting the follies and fripperies of language, as well as a long-running Liberty tradition of shooting down an “endangered” species. Furthermore, he made the case against intervention in Venezuela, chuckled at an Ayn Rand “Giving Tuesday,” and penned a poem  to intellectual inquiry.

The year was not without its sadness, as we said a sudden and far-too-soon goodbye to the inimitable Lori Heine. Over her years of writing for Liberty, Lori won many fans for her warm-hearted, hope-filled looks at life, culture, and the political scene. You can get some sense of her from her writings this year on the fraud of politically progressive Christianity, for instance, or on the prospects of libertarians in nationwide elections, or on the politics of sheer volume. their volume. But it’s still just a reflection of the person who brightened many of our days. You can read Stephen Cox’s obituary here.

However, like Lori, we will turn our gaze forward, fully aware of the great need for both skepticism and lightheartedness in a world that increasingly lacks both. 2020 promises to be a strong year for Liberty, including full election coverage and on-the-ground reporting from the Libertarian Party convention in Austin, Texas. We look forward to seeing you all along the way.

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Michael F.S.W. Morrison

Andrew Ferguson did a great job in his summary, and I thank him for mentioning insignificant me, and I especially thank him for his kind, but accurate, words about my late friend, Lori Heine.
Her sudden death was a devastating blow to me personally, and to the entire cause of liberty and maybe even Liberty.
However, those of us who are still here, still striving, must bear up under our losses -- at least that's what we're told. Losing a Lori is almost too much to bear.
Then I think, That's what she would want, and what she would expect.
So I will keep on, doing what I can for liberty and, if allowed, for Liberty.
For now, I wish the very best to everyone connected in any way to Liberty. Thank you all.

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