Liberty Lives, Online!


Welcome to the new, online version of Liberty magazine.

Until its December 2010 issue, Liberty appeared in print, in a monthly edition. The new electronic Liberty will offer features, reviews, and reflections, just as in the print edition, but readers will now be able to read their favorite authors as soon as their work becomes available, then join the conversation themselves in our comment threads. Come back often — the online Liberty is free.

And don't forget to check out Liberty's archive. Here you can see and search the thousands of works we've published since our founding in 1987. It may be the biggest library of libertarian literature ever assembled. Your access to this library is also free of charge.

On behalf of everyone at Liberty, I want to thank you for your interest in us, and in the cause of freedom.

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Visiting Reader

Now I know why, after several requests, you never sent me a sample print issue! I like the new format.

Andy Hanlen


I can't tell you how happy I am to see the magazine go electronic. You (both you personally as well as your Liberty colleagues and cohorts generally) have always presented the very best in libertarian materials and commentary, and now that it is accessible in this format, I am more able to use it whilst tilting at my favorite windmills.

Thanks so much!

Ralph Baker

Way to go, STEVE! I've been a faithful Liberty reader since discovering the monthly magazine some nine years ago, but there are busy months when I can't get to the bookstores where Liberty is among the many titles on the shelves. Now I'll get every issue right here at home on my computer.

BTW, PLEASE restore the late Richard Bradford's yob/yod in his 'Founder' slot.

Thanks and cheers from Ralph in Rhode Island!

Stephan Kinsella

Steve, congratulations on your new online venture. Your new website is just gorgeous--retains the look, feel, and spirit of the print mag, but adopted to the web. Good luck!

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