Liberty Magazine - March 2000

The New Man in Russia, Yuri Maltsev; Greenspan Go Home!, Ron Paul; Is There Room in America for a Little Cuban Boy?, Liberty's Editors; The Spirit of Northfield and Coffeyville, William Tonso; The Incredible Shrinking Serb Atrocities, David Ramsay Steele; Back to Belgrade, Stephen Browne; The Politics of Seizing Property, Miles Fowler; Bill Gates Shrugged, Michael Giorgino; What If the U.S. Had Stayed Out of World War II?, Michael Drew; Was George Orwell a Bad Guy?, David Ramsay Steele and Martin Tyrrell; Vindication, Tracey Rosenerg; The Law and the Leave-Us-Alone Coalition, Gene Healy; What Went Wrong With the Netherlands, Brien Bartels; Battle Hymns of the Republicans (and Democrats), Stephen Cox

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