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In a recent Reflection, I noted that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), son of libertarian Ron Paul (R-TX), caused something of a stir among “movement libertarians” (a phrase rather ironic — sort of like “organized cats” or “conformist rebels”) when he endorsed Mitt Romney, aka the Rich White Mormon.

Even more fascinating is the recent announcement by Wayne Allyn Root that he is resigning from the Libertarian Party’s National Committee to switch to Romney and Ryan &‐ albeit with some understandable reservations: “I don’t deny that Romney and Ryan aren’t libertarians, but Romney is a pro-business capitalist and Obama is a Marxist-socialist.”

He added, “The economy has been trashed. This is about my kids’ future, it’s about my businesses. There is no hope for America if Obama is re-elected.”

Root was the Libertarian Party’s VP nominee in 2008, running with Bob Barr. (Barr has signaled that he, too, will support Romney.)

The move has aroused a lot of criticism. One blogger called Root a turncoat who sold out after a rich Mormon helped him pay off campaign debts. Another said that Root is just angling to take a run at replacing Harry Reid (D-NV, and ironically yet another Rich White Mormon). Root seems to confirm this when he says that he “plan[s] to join Tea Party U.S. Senators like Rand Paul, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio and Mike Lee in the near future, representing the great state of Nevada.”

What’s the old (and probably apocryphal) Chinese curse? “May you live in interesting times.”

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Bob Link

All human institutions, no matter how noble or useful their original purpose, eventually take on a life of their own where the ins use their power to control and exploit the outs. This is true of labor unions, corporations, governments and even religion (Divine right of Kings). So, we must we do whatever it takes to be free. The first order of business is to get rid of Obama and repeal Obama care. Next, audit the Fed. There are many dragons to kill and corrupt institutions to abolish?

Ayn R. Key

Speaking as one who was genuinely surprised by what Rand Paul did, I feel absolutely no surprise by the actions of Wayne Root. He's always favored the Republican Party and only and ever criticized Obama. He's been publishing articles for weeks advising Romney on how to beat Obama.

People have started calling for his resignation as his actions got to be too blatant even for his fellow reformists to stomach. Realizing the next step was a full formal endorsement, and that he couldn't do that within the LP, he chose what he actually believes instead of his party position.

Robert K. Stock

The Libertarian party is a total failure as a political party. The LP should disband and reform itself as an interest group within the Republican Party.

The reason the LP will never do this is because many LP leaders do not really want to win elections. Most of the leadership would rather be big fish in small ponds and make money by the cottage industry of libertarianism. Selling books, conducting semninars, collecting donations to foundations, etc.

Actually winning elections to the House or Senate would expose the incompetence of most of the LP leadership and dry up their source of revenue.

The above holds true for the other 3rd parties in America with the exception that the Greens,and various Socialist should work inside the Democratic Party.

Charles Pasley

On rare occasions I have voted for a Republican and on even rarer occasions for a Democrat. But after the recent attempts by the Republicans to get Gary Johnson off the ballots of several states, I probably will not do so again. The Republican Party changed when Nixon closed the gold window, instituted wage and price controls (which I would have expected from a Democrat), and said "We are all Keynesnians now." Add to that the fact that the southern racists, the religious right, and the Neo-cons have become major blocs in the Republican Party, and I don't see that they have anything to offer me. As for the Democrats, I like the 1840 Democratic Party platform (my great-great-greatuncle was a Democratic member of the Va. House of Delegates in 1837) but after they stopped being the hard money party, they have not been worthy of support. In addition, it was Democrats that illegally drafted my grandfather's youngest brother to fight in WWI and he was killed one month before Armistice, so I won't vote for them either. Without the Libertarian Party, I would be essentially disenfranchised.

Rodney Choate, P.E.

I think it's true that actually running a rational government would require an intelligence most people don't have at present, if such a task were suddenly dumped into their lap. Fortunately such a feat is not necessary. Our job is each to slowly improve our understanding and move in the right direction. The worst sin is to act beyond the limits of one's understanding, which many people do do.

Jon Harrison

Don't agree with your last paragraph, but the first three are right on the money.

Rodney Choate, P.E.

What matters is a person's actual understanding and intentions. This is true whether one is merely a voter deciding on his voting strategy, or a candidate trying to make a positive difference. The system IS rigged for a two party system, but again, I won't get into exactly how that is done. We are about to collapse. Better to have anybody but Obama in there when it happens.


Jon Harrison

Rand Paul ran for Senate as a Republican because that's how he could get elected. He, unlike his father, endorsed Romney because he, Rand, sees a chance of winning the presidency as a Republican. More power to him. Root is smart enough to know that his only road to elective office is via the Republican Party.

If these folks can transform the Republican Party from the party of big government conservatism to one that reflects traditional values of limited government, federalism, true free enterprise, and sharply reduced foreign entanglements, then they will have performed a great service to the Republic. To do so, however, they will have to reduce the influence of both the religious conservatives and the plutocrats in the party. Simultaneously, they will need to broaden the party's base beyond the middle-aged white demographic. This is a tall order, and I doubt they will be able to accomplish it. Win or lose in 2012, the Republican Party is a diminishing force, quite possibly doomed to permanent minority status if not extinction. Libertarians should try to position themselves within Republican ranks, with a view toward taking over and revitalizing the party along fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal lines. A party of this kind can capture majorities in the future, as my generation and the generation before mine dies out, and younger people looking for a new course come into their own.

The 2008 LP ticket of Barr-Root was a disgrace. Barr was a Bushite of the worst kind who suddenly saw the light on the road to . . . wherever the 2008 LP convention was held. Root's hyperbolic reference to Obama as a Marxist marks him out as a member of the yahoo wing of the Tea Party. The birther mentality is not a weltanschauung that will win majorities in America, and the sooner the Right learns this the better for us all.

Fred Mora


You and other Libertarians may disagree with Root, but it doesn't mean he's entirely wrong. In this case, his assertion that Obama is a Marxist doesn't deserve the contemptuous sniff with which you discard it.

After reading a biography of Obama (written by a synpathetic Democrat, mind you) that I'll soon review for Liberty, I find myself believing firmly that Obama's mindset is rooted much farther to the Left than most Dem voters are comfortable with. I'll present the argument -- to your satisfaction, or so I hope -- in an upcoming article.

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