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I’m sure that the president's choice last night to rein in his brilliance and heart and allow Romney to “win” the debate is part of a brilliant strategy. I’ve understood Barack Obama’s brilliance from the very beginning — I bought a copy of The Audacity of Hope and Change in, like, early 2008. Before everybody else did. Some regular people are intimidated by his brilliance. And his heart. But I’m not. I understand it.

I mean, some people are saying that the president will have to lower himself to that liar Romey’s level and lie to get votes. But Barack Obama can’t lie. I mean, he just can’t — he’s too brilliant and has too much heart. Some people don’t understand that, but I do. I have an original Obama sticker on my Prius — not the Obama/Biden sticker and not a 2012 sticker, but the original “O” sticker that only charter supporters could get.

I know that some people are saying that Obama should have “hit back” at Romney in the debate. But those people aren’t true Obama supporters. They’re just pretenders who only care about the horse-race qualities of an election and don’t understand Obama’s brilliance. And heart. The man has so much heart that he can’t help being so much bigger than people like Romney. Romney and his mean-spirited dismissal of the 47%. What an elitist snob. I can’t believe he got the Republican nomination!

I realize that, at times like last night’s debate, Obama’s brilliance is a cross he has to bear. And his heart. I know that feeling — it’s something people like me and the president have in common. I mean, I’m not going to say I’m as brilliant as Barack Obama. Or have as much heart. But we do share a few similar traits.

I was on Facebook this morning, reading what Michelle had to say about how rude Romney was last night, just ignoring the rules and talking right over that weak moderator. I’m part of Michelle’s true friends circle on FB — not the one that’s open to the public, but the one where you had to have been a charter supporter to get invited. So I get to read what she really thinks. Michelle is so brilliant. Anyway, while I was reading what Michelle really thinks about the debate, I realized something: politics is beneath Barack Obama. His heart is so much bigger. And he’s so much more brilliant.

I understand something now that regular people probably don’t. You have to have been with Barack and Michelle from the beginning to get this — I mean, Michelle gets it. And Sasha and Malia probably get it, but regular people don’t understand. Barack needs a platform worthy of his brilliance and heart. If he chooses not to demean himself and pander in a vulgar popularity contest, it will prove that his brilliance and heart are just too brilliant for the common American voter.

I’ve kind of known that all along, before all the regular people started figuring it out.

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Obama's understanding and superior comprehension is overshadowed only by your sublime humor! Keep up the good work. Reminds me of some of the movie reviews I read at, where I'm sometimes (almost) tricked into seeeing a really bad movie by the faux praise lavished upon it by their usually scathing recaps.

Jon Harrison

The funny thing is, the people you are parodying for the most part don't feel the way you think they do. I live in Vermont, and I have many friends in the Boston suburbs, so I know. They are actually disappointed and somewhat peeved at Barack. He didn't put through single-payer. The stimulus was way too small. He's done nothing about gun control. He didn't go to New York or Oakland and mix with the Occupy people. The corporate tax rate hasn't been returned to seventy per cent -- or even better, ninety-four per cent. Nuclear power has not been abolished.

There undoubtedly are a few effete, Prius-driving folks out there who mirror the attitude presented in your piece. But there are far, far fewer of them than you might think.

Fred Mora


I, like you, know a few disillusioned Leftists who, like your friend, think Obama failed for not having turned the country into North Korea (or worse, France). However, I also know quite a few unrepentant Dem voters who are very happy with the Prez, are fawning over him, and are willing to accept a decrease in income and a tax increase "for the greater good" and "for social justice". Most, but not all, of these people are wealthy.

This hard-code kernel, which I nicknamed the Hussein-huggers, has crossed the line and is downright cultish. Nothing can change their mind, even great personal and national losses at the hand of their idol. To wit: reread "The Gulag Archipelago", and see how true, dyed-in-the-wool Communists arrested without rhyme or reason were still defending the Soviet government and Stalin while dying of typhus and starvation in a prison camp. They had faith. These rationalist, religion-scoffing people, who proudly displayed their Marxist atheism, had faith!

That's what we are seeing today with Hussein-huggers. It's a fascinating facet of the human psyche that should be studied and understood.

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